TWC is a specialized company, that emphasizes on graphical wall concepts. We add life to your wall & we let your wall speak its true colors. The Wall Concept creates customized graphical wall designs that will suit your home or business


TWC also specializes in posters, household product branding, artist collabirations and clock art.


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Mohammed Awadh

Business Director

+973 33444997

With over 14 years of experience in the advertising & communication industry, passionate about creativity & his skills in coming up with out of the box ideas. Mohammed Awadh  has come up with a unique solution for providing cool, modern and unique design for an office or a home walls / interior. He brings his experience in the advertising and communication field, to provide you with a whole new experience in wall design


Creative Director

+973 33250100

A creative at heart, David has over 20 years worth of experience in illustrating, painting and graphic design from young age. Having his professional background based in graphic design, event management, prop & environment creation, vehicle wrapping, interior design, web design and (print & digital) advertising and marketing. There isn't much that he wouldn't do, as long as it means creative something beautiful, functional and unique. If it means bring your concept to life or if you would like to go down custom route. The wall concept is the right place to be.